52:1 Natural

52:1 Natural

More like un-natural=)

Who knew a dog would love TV so much?

This dog right here! In her evening position . . .



I know I know, I was supposed to use my SLR! Let’s be honest, today was rough at work and trying to keep to this schedule I didn’t have time to figure out my camera or learn how to upload a photo. Next week=)  I did, however, get some tips on how to semi-edit this photo from a professional photography editor for a well known company (also a patient…oh the perks!). More like how to crop it nicely=) Hard to really edit an iPhone photo. I’m thinking this would have been nicer in black and white. Oh well, live and learn=) That is what this blog is all about!


Happy 2012!


The biggest purchase I made this year was my SLR Camera. I have always wanted to learn how to really take pictures. So I figured this would be a great new hobby to have.  I also was impressed with StyleberryBlog and the idea of Project 52! However,  I am not that creative enough to figure out a theme this year. She also suggested Paint the Moon Let’s Do 52 Project. Now that is something I can do!

Soooo, here’s to a new year of firsts! My first real blog and my first project 52! Wish me luck=)

2011 brought many wonderful things:

1. Going to Australia to visit my Grammy (7 years was far too long!)

2. Taking and PASSING my NPTE

3. Getting a job offer and accepting 5 days after finding out I passed my test

4. New friendships and renewing old ones

5. Friends who got engaged or married

6. All the children who were born / conceived=)

7. Good health to my family, friends and myself


Here’s to a Happy and Health 2012 to you and your loved ones! Here’s to a new year full of new memories, new adventures, new additions, and good health!





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